Michael Murphy, Neurosurgeon

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Associate Professor Michael Murphy is a Melbourne neurosurgeon who consults in East Melbourne and the Eastern suburbs, as well as rural areas of Victoria.

He has over 20 years’ experience having trained both nationally and internationally and has expertise in many areas of neurosurgery. In a speciality where new techniques and technology are constantly emerging, he has the experience to offer patients what he considers are the best options for them under the circumstances. His aim is to provide optimal care for his patients, being mindful of their overall condition with the philosophy of not offering too much or too little, but what he consider is necessary for you, as a patient. Whether it be minimally invasive surgery or open surgery, he will discuss options and his recommendations with you.

Associate Professor Michael Murphy Specialises in

  • brain tumours, vascular lesions, epilepsy surgery, management of spinal conditions, and peripheral nerve surgery.

Associate Professor Michael Murphy consults in

  • East Melbourne (Central Practice for all referrals, appointments and enquiries), Blackburn, Bendigo and Shepparton.

Associate Professor Michael Murphy is a member of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons